How to remove scratches from a car?

Want to know to remove scratches from a car? The exterior paint is one of the most valuable aspects of a car. Scratches can not only lower the value of the car but also make it look unsightly.

Mistakes do happen sometimes when we’re careless or in a hurry. However, oftentimes, we’re on the receiving end of some other driver’s inattentiveness when our car’s parked in the parking lot or even while driving on the roads.

The following tells you how to remove scratches from your car:

How to get paint scratches off a car?

Got a ding or two on your car? Fixing it may be simpler than you think if the scratches are light. This means that they’ve only penetrator a layer or two of the paintwork. You can confirm this by rubbing your finger over the scratch and not being able to feel the blemish.

In this case, you can just polish it and this is a DIY job. You just need the know-how and some very basic equipment to get the job done. There are two main types of these scratches though:


These are the swirl marks that stem from when you clean your car with a dirty or gritty cloth. Your car could be shining for all you know but these marks will still be visible when natural or artificial light shines on them.

The solution is to get a trusty scratch remover that has good recommendations. Get a clean cloth and apply some scratch remover to it. Then, use the cloth on the swirls in a circular motion and watch them disappear.


These are a bit more serious and they’re a result of the car brushing off something. If the damage hasn’t penetrated the paintwork enough to get to the metal, you can still fix it yourself to clean it up. There are a number of kits that can help you here.

All you need to do is identify the exact colour of your car’s exterior paint. Then, you can find a DIY kit that matches the colour. You’ll just need to clean the affected area and use the included paintbrush over the scraping. Once everything’s dry, just clean and wax the car.

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How to fix deep scratches on a car?

Now, fixing a scratch may not go as smoothly as you expect. The reason for this is that the paint may be chipped, scuffed, or dented.

You can get a scratch repair fluid to fill up the damaged area. You just need to get one with the right colour code to match your vehicle. Get an abrasive pad to clean the scratched region and then apply the repair fluid and try to let it cure.

Fixing damaged paintwork

Buffering is the way to go here but it will be a difficult task if you’re not an expert. In this case, it is better to head to or call a professional such as a Small to Medium Area Repair Technique (SMART) technician. They’ll make the car look as good as new. Luckly we have already partnered one the UK’s leading SMART repair companies – DWV. You can submit your detail here to get a discounted rate through AutoLease.Compare.

Does toothpaste get scratches out of cars?

Yes, if you don’t have a scratch-removing solution, you can use toothpaste for smaller scratches. The usage pattern is simple: thoroughly clean the scratched region, apply toothpaste to a microfiber cloth, and use it on the scratch in a circular motion. Then, you just rinse it.

How to prevent scratches on a car?

Prevention is truly better than cure and you can prevent scratches by:

  1. Driving and parking somewhere with wide pathways and roads
  2. Using a microfiber cloth to clean your car
  3. Using Paint Protection Film (PPF) on the exterior

If you have a leased car, it shouldn’t hurt to do all of the above since you’ll be penalised if you exceed fear wear and tear.

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