Ever worried about the batteries in electric cars? Won’t be able to find a charging station and moment you need it?

Worry no more as VW will launch mobile charging stations that can add some juice to your electric car battery in just 17 minutes.

Volkswagen has announced plans to trail new portable EV charging stations in their home town, Wolfsburg, over the next 6 months with the view to expand across German cities in 2020.

The German manufacture offered a sneak peek into their vision earlier this year which entails mobile charging stations being delivered directly to electric cars in need of power. These mobile stations could help to encourage ownership of electric cars within “big” cities with charging stations located all around.

The design, showcased by VW’s own art work, previews the station charging an e-Golf to which it claims will only take 17 minutes to reach 80% capacity. The charging station will have the capacity to charge 4 vehicles at any one time with the station being able to charge 15 e-Golfs before its power needs to be replenished.

The mobile quality of these charging stations means they are independent of a power source allowing them to be stationed in any number of locations and according to VW “the charging station furthermore allows the temporary storage of sustainably generated power, such as solar or wind energy – and therefore CO2-neutral mobility”.

Alternatively, the station can be connected to a permanent standard grid connection which will constantly recharge the station via an alternating current that mitigates the strain on the power supply during peak periods.

VW plans on spending a further $2 billion over the next few years building up a global EV charging infrastructure to enhance the ownership of electric cars, the drive to renewable energy and also to compete with Tesla’s Supercharger network.

Users will be able to locate the nearest mobile charging station via an app or website, yet to be announced by VW. For more information, find the official press release from VW here.

Would you like to see these being trailed in the UK? Is it a good idea? Let us know your thoughts below…