We are delighted to bring you some exciting news – we have been awarded the title of ‘Best Emerging Car Leasing Start-up – UK’.

Following on from our nomination acceptance, Corporate Vision Magazine have now completed their research stage within the Global Automotive Awards, I am thrilled to inform our readers and customers with our highly anticipated results – finally, some good news through recent crazy times!

Auto Lease Compare are among this years’ Global Automotive champions and have been awarded:

Best Emerging Car Leasing Start-Up – UK

How were we awarded

Global Automotive’s in-house research team created a case file which included various information such as brand impact, services, products, website, articles, social media, presence within the industry, testimonials, etc. We were also encouraged to provide supporting materials via their supporting evidence questionnaire and portal.

Once finalised, the file was then passed on to their judging panel who discussed and deliberated and ultimately decide who they believe deserves to win a title within the Global Automotive Awards this year.

The team casts their judgment based on criteria such as client dedication, innovation, customer trust and transparency, business growth, longevity, online reputation, customer feedback and business performance.

What happens now?

Now that we have been awarded this remarkable achievement, we have been offered a victors space in their official celebratory magazine as the primary vehicle for showcasing the 2020 winners’, which will be held on the Corporate Vision platform for 12+ months.

This will also be distributed to their audience of over 155,000 professionals from across the Globe.

As well as circulating the winners’ magazine direct to those inboxes, once the press embargo is lifted in December, it is also published on the website and publicly open to view; this ensures the content gets maximum exposure amongst our frequent web visitors.

We delighted to win this award at Auto Lease Compare. This represents our trust and transparency core values.