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Electric Car Lease Comparison

The Top 10 Cheapest Electric Cars to Lease in the UK

Electric cars are great for the environment and they offer lower running costs than your average petrol/diesel car. However, they are usually a tad bit pricier than their fossil-fuel-powered counterparts. So, to save you some money, the following is a list of the 10 cheapest electric cars to lease in the UK.

And yes, most of them are hatchbacks.

Benefits of Electric Cars

There are countless benefits of electric vehicles. The major ones are the following:

  1. Lower fuel costs: That’s right, if you get yourself an EV, you’ll save thousands of pounds annually that would’ve been used on petrol.
  2. Cheaper maintenance: These cars don’t come with the maintenance needs that an IC engine has, so apart from regular tire rotations, scheduled maintenance shouldn’t be stressful.
  3. Environmentally friendlier: You can expect about zero carbon emissions from these cars and so they are effective in combatting climate change.
  4. Higher performance: Because these vehicles come with electric motors which can generate power more easily, EVs often are often quicker than their petrol-powered counterparts.
  5. Quietness: Electric vehicles don’t contribute to noise pollution as they don’t generate any significant noise.

Why you should go for EV Car Lease Deals

Now, while all of the points above make electric vehicles sound like a pretty good decision, there is a reason why many refrain from getting them; they’re priced higher. The way to counter this is to go for the cheapest electric vehicle lease deals.

Sure, you may be paying slightly more per month for the lease as compared to a similar petrol- or diesel-powered vehicle. However, the thousands of pounds that you’ll save in running costs yearly, will significantly outweigh the extra bit that you have to pay monthly.

The Top 10 Cheapest Electric Car Lease Offers Today

Using our Electric Car Lease Comparison, we have identified the cheapest EV car lease deals on the market:

Photo of Citroen Ami

1. Citroen Ami (from £155.09 p/m) The Citroen Ami tops this list and it is more of a quadricycle than a car. This French two-seater is built just for going from A to B, and it has the cheapest electric car lease deals in the country. Despite being very compact, the Ami is still a good solution to your needs as it can deliver up to 46 miles of range.

Photo of Volkswagen UP

2. Volkswagen Up! (from £242.59 p/m) The VW Up has been at the forefront of the compact hatchback scene in Europe for many years now. It is known for being economical to buy and run, and small enough to be maneuverable, yet practical. The well-priced VW e-Up takes efficiency to a whole new level, with its range of up to 160 miles.

Photo of Vauxhall Corsa

3. Vauxhall Corsa (from £245.23 p/m)

The UK’s very own Vauxhall Corsa is also available on some of the cheapest electric vehicle lease deals today. The Corsa EV is a hot hatch that can deliver a range of up to 222 miles when you charge it fully. As a result, you’ll be getting a fast car with a lot of functionality.

Photo of Smart ForFour

4. Smart ForFour (from £267.39 p/m)

If you’re looking for a car that is a fashion statement and isn’t a financial burden when you lease it, get the Smart ForFour. It is super quirky and fun to drive, plus it can be personalized to quite an extent. It features Mercedes’s high build quality and it can deliver a range of up to 81 miles.

Photo of Fiat 500

5. Fiat 500 (from £272.71 p/m) The Fiat 500 may look like it hasn’t been changed for half a century, but it is still more modern than ever. Its EV continues to offer a thrilling driving experience, but with clean green energy powering it. Its lease deals will also go easy on your wallet, along with the running costs from its 199-mile-range.

Photo of Smart ForTwo

6. Smart ForTwo Coupe (from £273.32 p/m) The Smart ForTwo is the OG vehicle that made the Smart brand what it is today. It is now solely available as an EV and is as stylish as ever, while also offering up to 83 miles of range on a full charge. This car is also offered on the most inexpensive electric lease deals on the market.

Photo of Mazda MX-30

7. Mazda MX-30 (from £275.59 p/m) This is one of the two electric SUV lease deals on this list. The MX-30 is one of the best small SUVs in the market today. Despite its small size, it is roomy enough on the inside. It comes with a lot of storage, many standard amenities and safety features, and an electric powertrain good for 100 miles of range.

Photo of Kia Niro

8. Kia Niro (from £277.09 p/m) The Kia Niro EV is one of the most popular small SUVs in the industry. Yes, it has Kia’s superb sense of quality and usefulness, but its real highlight is its all-electric range of 239 miles. You’ll also be glad to know that you can lease this car for a reasonable monthly payment.

Photo of Renault Zoe

9. Renault Zoe (from £277.70 p/m) All the vehicles on this list provide a lot of value, and the Renault Zoe is no different. It gets you up to 238 miles when completely charged, along with its striking looks, and a lot of room for the occupants and storage. This is also one of the most inexpensive EV car lease deals today.

Photo of Nissan Leaf

10. Nissan LEAF (from £283.86 p/m) Here’s a vehicle that has represented the electric car category for a very long time. The Nissan Leaf continues to be a sought-out EV because of how efficient (212-mile range) and handy it is. It is an extraordinary car for regular people and it can be leased without any major financial troubles.

Photo of MG Motor UK ZS

Honourable Mention: MG MOTOR UK ZS (from £286.25 p/m)
The MG ZS is another cheap electric SUV lease option that is lauded for being an all-rounder. It also gets you the highest range among all the other cars mentioned here, at 273 miles.

Types of Electric Lease Deals

Whether it is an electric car business lease, or a personal lease deal, you’ll come across the following options:

HEV or Hybrid Lease Deals

These are vehicles that feature one or more electric motors and a battery pack, working alongside the petrol engine. They’re more efficient than your traditional petrol-powered vehicle as they have a combined range. They’re the most cost-effective option as far as EV lease deals are concerned.

PHEV or Plugin Hybrid Leasing

If a hybrid vehicle isn’t quite efficient enough for you, a plug-in hybrid should do just fine. These are vehicles that feature a similar powertrain to your traditional hybrid, but you can utilize a separate, all-electric range alongside the combined one. There are all sorts of great PHEV car lease deals available.

BEV or EV Lease Deals

Finally, we have the all-electric cars, which have been exclusively ranked on this list. These showcase the pinnacle of engineering in the automotive industry today. They’re the most efficient and nature-friendly vehicles on the planet today and there are many cheap electric vehicle lease deals to go around.

Electric Car Lease Comparison - EV Car Leasing Special Offers – Auto Lease Compare

Can’t decide on the perfect EV lease deal? Auto Lease Compare makes the selection process a lot easier with our Electric Car Lease Comparison. Once you’ve picked a car, we’ll show you what the best leasing options are for it. Hence, you will be able to get lower monthly payments which can save you thousands. Check out our EV car lease deals here.

To know more about why leasing is a better option than buying, click here.

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