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The UK’s #1 Hybrid Van Leasing Comparison Site

AutoLease.Compare is your go-to destination for seamless hybrid van leasing comparison. With a diverse array of hybrid van lease deals from over 50 leasing companies, you're certain to discover an option that perfectly suits your requirements and budget.

If you're undecided about leasing a hybrid van due to a lack of pertinent information, please read through our carefully crafted guidance and information

The Different Types of Hybrid Vans

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Charge smart

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Hybrid Vans Pros and Cons

Pros of Hybrid Vans

  • Cost-Effective:

    Hybrid vans offer excellent fuel efficiency, resulting in lower running costs compared to traditional fuel types.

  • Reduced Maintenance:

    With fewer moving parts due to not requiring a traditional engine or transmission, hybrid vans entail lower maintenance expenses.

  • Accessible Charging Points:

    Hybrid vans can be conveniently charged at home or at increasing numbers of fast-charging points across the UK, providing cost-effective refuelling options.

  • Enhanced Fuel Economy:

    Hybrid vans utilise kinetic energy produced during braking, resulting in excellent fuel economy and reducing fuel-per-mile consumption compared to petrol and diesel vans. Plug-in hybrids offer similar benefits with the added advantage of being able to charge the battery from an external power source.

  • Sustainability:

    Hybrid vans contribute to environmental sustainability by producing lower carbon emissions, making them a greener choice for reducing environmental impact and tackling climate change.

Cons of Hybrid Vans

  • Limited Electric-Only Range:

    Hybrid vans may have a limited electric-only range compared to fully electric vehicles, affecting their suitability for long-distance travel or extended road trips.

  • Potential for Battery Replacement Costs:

    While hybrid vans generally require less maintenance, replacing the battery pack can be costly, although prices have decreased over the years.

  • Market Availability:

    The hybrid van market is still developing and may not offer as many options as traditional petrol or diesel vans, potentially limiting choices for customers seeking specific features or configurations. This could be a disadvantage, particularly for customers looking for family-oriented vans, as there may be fewer options available compared to smaller hybrid vans.

FAQs About Hybrid Van Leasing

How does the mileage I choose affect the monthly rentals?

Your estimated mileage is used to calculate your monthly rentals based on the estimated residual value of the van at the end of the lease agreement. The higher the mileage, the higher the cost of the monthly rentals.

Should I lease a van through my limited company?

There are more considerations to take into account if you decide to lease a van through your limited company. You will need to pay an extra tax and the amount will depend on the value of the vehicle you lease. It’s best to talk through this option with your accountant who will be able to provide a more detailed picture based on your situation and vehicle.

Can I add a personalised number plate to my lease vehicle?

Yes this is possible, you simply need to gain permission from the finance company and follow the steps provided by the DVLA.

Can I use my current van towards the cost of a lease vehicle?

When leasing a van, your current vehicle cannot be used as a deposit – however, we have partnered up with Motorway – a market place to sell your current van. You can use the funds received from your current van towards the cost of a lease vehicle – either as funds for your initial deposit or a reserve of funds to help you with your monthly cost. Please visit our Motorway partner page to begin your journey.

When will my van get delivered?

Your van can be delivered to you as early as 2 weeks or it could be up to 4 months! This depends if the van you have chosen is in stock or not – if it’s in stock and is able to be delivered to you it could be sitting in your driveway in 2 weeks. If, however, it is not an in-stock deal the van will be manufactured to your specifications which could take some time depending on the location of the factory, availability of the model and other factors. Please confirm with the leasing provider before you order when you can expect delivery so you’re not without a van when you need one.

Benefits of Hybrid Leasing with AutoLease.Compare

Now that you have read about hybrid (HEV) leasing, you may be wondering why you should take out an hybrid van lease with AutoLease.Compare? Not only do AutoLease.Compare have the best hybrid van lease deals , but there are also a few great benefits! Find out more below.

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