Electric Vehicle Leasing

New research suggests that leasing a battery electric vehicle (BEV) is 19% cheaper than financing a new vehicle on personal contract purchase (PCP).

Auto Lease Compare analysed pricing data for its 10 most popular BEVs and found that leasing was the most cost-effective option on 9/10 vehicles.

Kaz Datoo co-founder of Auto Lease Compare said: “one of the most important factors the industry faces with EVs, is making them affordable to the average consumer – this is where leasing comes in.  Without affordable options, the market won’t move over to electric vehicles at the pace required.  Luckily, with our Car Leasing Comparison platform, consumers can find the most competitive deals on the market, saving them money. Leasing (PCH) is a the most cost-efficient way to drive a brand-new EV.”

Auto Lease Compare’s Electric Vehicle Leasing Research

Auto Lease Compare’s analysis shows that the Tesla Model 3 when leased over four years, the total cost comes in at £25,632.75. Compare that against PCP with cost of £30,385. Leasing will save drivers approximately 18.5% over the life of the contract.

The largest saving overall was found when comparing costs for an Audi E-Tron. On PCP, the Audi has a total cost of £43,410 at the end of a 48-month contract. Leasing the same make and model comes in at a total cost of £34,388 A whopping total saving of £9,022 (a huge 20.5% discount!).

Auto Lease Compare compares personal and business car leasing offers from the UK’s leading leasing brokers and dealers.

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